Some OOTDs are hilarious; some are annoying; some are outrageous.  Others fall into the You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me category.  When American hero and global icon Neil Armstrong passed away, most people chose to highlight Armstrong’s accomplishments, his humility, and/or his legacy.  Even NBC managed to put Armstrong’s picture on a story that they accidentally headlined with Neil Young’s name.  What about the President of the United States?  He put the focus … pretty much where it always is for him.  Sooper Mexican caught this tribute from the official Obama 2012 campaign’s Tumblr website:


Who’s that in the picture, gazing into the night sky?  Neil Armstrong?  Not exactly:

I found the source of the picture, and just as I suspected, it was a stock photo taken of Obama from their Flickr account. …

Wow, president mompants couldn’t even be bothered to take a fresh picture.Classy! What a way for the worst president in recent memory to egotistically dishonor the death of an indisputable American hero[.]

It’s pretty easy to find pictures of Neil Armstrong for a tribute to, er, Neil Armstrong.  I’m pretty sure the government has a few leftovers from July 20, 1969 sitting around someplace.

Addendum: But let’s acknowledge when President Obama gets it right:

Good call.

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