Today marks one full week since presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney named Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate in the battle of 2012. Trying to figure out precisely what effect this is having on the race seems to be an increasingly difficult task for the traditional media, who largely perform their research on such things by asking each other for dueling, ten second sound bites. With so little to go on, perhaps we should turn to our old friend mathematics. Today, Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades released a memo bring everyone up to date on some of the key campaign figures over the past week.

First up… donations.

Online Fundraising

  • Donations: 124,800+
  • Amount: $10,157,947
  • Average Donation: $81
  • % New Donors: 68%

The Obama campaign doesn’t seem to release their fundraising numbers on such a granular level these days, but if there had been some sort of massive, anti-Ryan backlash flood of donations I think Axlerod or Cutter would have let us know by now.

How’s Mitt faring in the social media and web world since the Ryan announcement?

  • Site Traffic – Total: 2,000,000
  • Mitt Romney Facebook: +510,000 — Now 4,360,000
  • Mitt Romney Twitter: +54,000 — Now 861,000
  • Paul Ryan Facebook: +860,000
  • Paul Ryan Twitter: +118,500
  • Volunteers 45,000+ sign up to volunteer online

You can go out on all the Sunday shows and spin the headlines however you like, but that’s got to be a pretty encouraging set of numbers for America’s Comeback Team. But what explains them in terms of the reality on the ground? If Paul Ryan is so scary and radical, where is this surge of support coming from?

Kirsten Powers thinks she may have the answer. She seems to believe that younger voters of Ryan’s era – which she calls “Generation Screwed” – are open to his message of long term solutions.

Unfortunately, the future looks as bleak for today’s young people. No amount of coddling by their well-provided-for Boomer parents can save Generation Y and the Millennials from the dire economic conditions they face, including criminal levels of educational debt. Pensions have gone the way of the horse and buggy. You want to retire with health-care benefits, as both my professor parents did? Good luck. As the 1994 movie turned Gen-X mantra has it: Reality Bites…

A Zogby/JZ Analytics poll Tuesday showed increased support among voters 18-29 for the Romney ticket, which pollster John Zogby attributed to the Ryan pick. President Obama received just 49 percent of the youth vote, versus Romney’s 41 percent. (Obama took home 66 percent of the youth vote against McCain in 2008.)

81 days to go. The convention is only a little more than a week away. Let’s get a batch of popcorn going, folks. Things are just starting to get interesting.

Update (Ed): It’s 81 days to go, not 88.  I’ve fixed it above, and here’s a handy countdown clock: