As Barack Obama and his allies unleash their full Mediscaring fury, perhaps it’s helpful to recall this moment in 2005.  George W. Bush proclaimed a mandate to fix Social Security after the 2004 election, which had Democrats insisting even then that Social Security didn’t need reform, and that it was safe for another 20 years.  One Democrat in particular questioned the reform priorities of Bush, joining a few Republicans who had the same concern.  Why not tackle Medicare reform instead, as it was by far the largest driver of unfunded and irrational future liabilities?  Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski makes the find:

Democrats, let by Harry Reid, successfully demagogued Bush on Social Security reform — and seven years later, the SSA funds are running in the red.  Meanwhile, that backbencher won the next presidential election.  Did he offer Medicare reform to deal with the massive liabilities building up in the system?  Why, no — and now he’s demonizing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for daring to propose specific plans for reform.

The positions change, but the demagoguery remains the same.