Some time earlier this year I decided to have a little fun with the DNC efforts to reelect the president by chopping together a couple of somewhat random Google images. No, it probably wasn’t the most original idea ever, but it amused me for a few minutes.

Whiteboard DNC

I may not have been particularly clever or amusing, but as it turns out, I might have been a bit prescient. The DNC has now launched a new plan to secure the support of voters in November. Will they fix long term entitlement programs? Reduce rampant crime? Finally lower the unemployment rates and bring back the jobs we need?

Well.. they’ll at least create a couple of jobs for bus drivers.

Democrats to follow Romney on swing-state tour in ‘Romney Economics’ bus

The Democratic National Committee plans to stalk Mitt Romney around the country on his upcoming bus tour, and are starting Thursday by blocking the view for the Republican National Committee.

A bus that reads “Romney Economics: Outsourcing, Offshoring, Out of Touch” was parked in front of the Republican National Committee building all day on Thursday.

The DNC later announced the bus would hit the road, following the presumptive GOP presidential nominee around the country on a four-day tour starting Friday, according to CNN.

This is truly a case of life imitates snark. But let’s not be too quick to shoot down a brilliant idea from Debby Wasserman Schultz’s team. Even if it doesn’t seem to be precisely up to snuff, perhaps we can improve on it and help them out. Here’s an idea I was able to cook up in just a few minutes. I’m sure the sympathetic army of Hot Air faithful can do even better to keep the Democrats in this race.

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