Deep thoughts via CNS, and not just because she evidently thinks highly enough of this lame, unimaginative anecdote (“my chair was getting crowded in”) to tell it over and over and over. She’s actually pitching it as a bona fide visitation, a quasi-mystical experience — “I swear this happened, never happened before, it never happened since” — rather than a simple metaphor for how history weighed on her as the first woman Speaker in her initial meeting with Bush. I can just imagine her speechwriters handing her a first draft with a line in there somewhere about “having a seat at the table,” Pelosi telling them that she likes it but that they need to punch it up, and them coming back to her three minutes later with the most progressive ghost story evah. And yet, no doubt there are plenty of self-styled hard-eyed skeptics in her target audience who eat this up with a spoon. Hey — if the ghost of Ted Kennedy could help her pass ObamaCare, why couldn’t Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony show up for a group high-five?

Tom Foley’s still alive, so I guess the visitation about what it feels like to lose a gigantic Democratic majority in the House will have to wait. Click the image to watch.