Heh. Democrats are trying to fill the seats at their upcoming national convention (wouldn’t want to court another embarrassing little scenario like the one at Obama’s campaign kickoff), but their most recent invitation is conspicuously lacking at least one specific detail. I suppose if I just Google-Mapped “The Stadium, Charlotte, NC,” I’d find my way to my destination? (Hint: I just did, and I wouldn’t.) The full e-mail via BuzzFeed (emphasis mine):

From: Antonio Villaraigosa, DemConvention.com
Date: Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 11:04 AM
Subject: See you in Charlotte

Dear Friend,

On Thursday, September 6th, Americans will come together in Charlotte to join President Obama and Vice President Biden as they accept our party’s nomination.

I’ll be there, and you could be there, too.

You can sign up for the opportunity to receive a community credential to attend the final day of the 2012 Democratic National Convention on September 6th. Visit BarackObama.com/community-credentials to find out how you can get your seat in the stadium and hear the President and Vice President’s speeches.

You can be there to witness Barack Obama’s last convention speech as a candidate for president. Eight years ago he gave the keynote address that propelled him onto the national stage. Four years ago he gave a historic acceptance speech in front of thousands of Americans. Now, it’s your chance to make history at the convention in Charlotte. …

Yes, I’ll try to avoid my fits of rapture just long enough to point out that they first tried to get away with calling it the “Panthers’ stadium” before reverting to just “the stadium” — because goodness knows they would not want to acknowledge that corporations or banks do useful things for anybody. Corporations and banks exists solely to profit tax-evading fat cats who donate ungodly amounts of money to those dastardly Republicans. They certainly do not do things like build stadiums, provide jobs and loans, create wealth, and supply us with goods and services we voluntarily purchase like computers, cars, and medical devices. Banks are just a bummer.