Here’s a riddle for you.  You hear Democrats talking constantly about the evils of the “Bush tax cuts,” the rates set in 2001-3 for income tax which haven’t been changed since.  Whenever the topic of tax rates comes up, Democrats blame the “Bush tax cuts” for everything from the trillion-dollar annual deficits to the financial collapse of 2008.  With all that in mind, when is a “Bush tax cut” not a “Bush tax cut”?

When Obama wants to take credit for it, that’s when:

Jeryl Bier explains:

Note the wording: “the President’s middle-class tax cut”.  This is the same administration that has balked at referring to the current rates as “the Bush tax cuts,” and now has appropriated that label for the President himself.  And it’s not even a new cut, simply a continuation of current tax policy.  The only answers the president should have received via Twitter should read: “I will spend the $2,200 on the same expenses I used it for in 2012 because my taxes are not being cut.”

Note to President Obama from Reality: this isn’t a tax cut at all, and it’s not an Obama tax rate, either.  It’s the current Bush-era tax rate. Republicans wanted to keep the tax rates exactly as they are, too, only they want to do it across the board.  Obama wants to raise taxes on higher-end income earners, those making $250,000 a year or more.  Maybe we should be asking what he’s going to do with the extra $80 billion a year while he runs trillion-dollar deficits, all the while promising to “pay down the debt in a balanced way.”

There’s a lot of unreality in Obama’s statements, isn’t there?

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