Via the Daily Caller, I couldn’t agree more. What possible reason is there to exclude her? She’s the reining vice presidential nominee; she gives a hell of a speech; she’s on a major roll in helping tea-party candidates win their Senate primaries; and she has a passionate base that’s lukewarm at best about Romney. If Team Mitt can find a slot for Rand Paul in the interest of keeping Paul fans inside the tent, they can find one for Palin in the interest of keeping her supporters inside. The only argument I can think of for why they might be lukewarm about her is that putting her back in the convention spotlight will further raise her profile, which might come back to bite Romney if Palin emerges as a major critic of his from the right during his first term. But that’s likely to happen anyway if he governs from the center, and she’s already sufficiently famous that the convention spotlight won’t do anything, really, to add to her platform. He’s better off making nice and showing her some respect. It’ll make conservatives happy and won’t alienate anyone except the most Frum-ian Palin critics. Seems like an easy call to me.