This might very well be one of the biggest pieces of misleading, populist-fueled crapola I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. Granted, the Democrats’ website is a treasure trove of actually quite creative negativity accusing Mitt Romney of various eeevil capitalist exploits, but this is on a whole other level.

You know those nifty online calculator tools you can use to figure out the amount of your federal income tax return or determine your share of the national debt? This is kind of like that, only not. Compare your tax rates to Mitt Romney’s at — oh, yes —


Okay, riddle me this: What logical, rationally self-interested individual wouldn’t choose to keep more of their own money if they were legally able and they deemed it worth the time to do so? Mitt Romney’s tax rate is not his fault, nor should he be vilified for taking advantage of it. It is the fault of our tax code. That is all. And perhaps the question shouldn’t be, Why do some millionaires get to pay such a low tax rate and why aren’t they paying more (even though in actual dollar amounts, they still pay vastly more than those with lower incomes)? Maybe the question should be, Hey, why do I have such a high rate and why aren’t I paying less? Oh, that’s right, because the federal government has long since broken its Constitutional bounds and is spending our money at an unsustainable rate in a giant subterfuge of big-government fail. And by the way, speaking of big-government fail, President Obama’s biggest attempt at establishing a “level playing field”… hasn’t.

Once you get your “results” comparing capital-gains apples to income-tax oranges, the website will tell you how much less you would’ve paid if you were subject to Mitt Romney’s tax rate and criticize Mitt Romney as a “corporate buyout specialist.” Wow, fancy phrase for someone who won at free enterprise and created wealth, jobs, and economic growth for the country at large along the way. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it’s almost like they were trying to make a political statement with that one.