Thank God for our crack press corps. If it weren’t for the Fourth Estate we’d never be able to keep an eye on the nefarious activities of malevolent elected officials and hold them accountable. Another such shining example comes to us from the pages of The State – the largest newspaper in South Carolina – who uncovered a story of nepotism involving their governor, Nikki Haley.

It’s a pretty serious charge and we’ll certainly want all the details immediately. I wonder what it will be? Some of her in-laws getting fat, big dollar positions as lobbyists or appointed executive branch officials? Her own family cashing in on the state’s pension funds? Let’s find out.

Gov. Nikki Haley’s 14-year-old daughter is working in the State House gift shop, raising questions about nepotism that the governor’s office declines to answer.

The shop is run by the S.C. Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, a state agency whose director, Duane Parrish, is appointed by Haley…

[Haley spokesman Rob] Godfrey told the Charleston paper that Haley’s daughter usually works 20 to 25 hours a week and is paid $8 an hour, the same as all entry-level workers at the gift shop. The hours of other gift shop workers were not cut to accommodate the daughter’s position, he said.

Seriously? A 14 year old girl with an essentially minimum wage job in a gift shop? And now she’s being turned into a political pawn in the media. Nice.

Admittedly, Haley probably should have known better and realized her enemies would come after her brandishing this story. But let’s not turn this into a national incident, shall we? If this was really upsetting to the Democrats they could have simply sent a memo to Haley asking her to have her daughter voluntarily resign from her part time job. They didn’t need to toss it into the maw of the press.

It’s the silly season alright. And I don’t expect it to get much better before November.