I could have put this ad into one of our other posts on the latest “You didn’t build that” developments, but it really deserves a post of its own.  American Crossroads released this ad today in response to supporters of Barack Obama who claimed that Obama never actually said what, er, he said.  Using a sports theme, “Replay”uses super-slo-mo to ascertain whether someone momentarily beamed into the podium and uttered those words for Obama, or something:

BuzzFeed reports that Team Obama plans to “go nuclear” on Romney over this attack, but the threats involve pretty much the same kind of attack on Romney’s record as governor the Obama campaign ran in May and June:

In conjunction with OFA, we’re going to turn the page tomorrow on Mitt Romney’s trumped up, out of context fact-checked-to-death BS about the President and small business and set the record straight on how Mitt Romney has a horrible record on small business, a failed record on jobs and who is advocating for policies that are great for millionaires, billionaires, big oil and corporate America – but that would devastate small businesses and stifle job growth and small business expansion. We’ll being done this with on the ground events in states which are coming together as we speak and with a national press conference call which will include small business owners and others – including at least one person from MA – who will speak about Romney’s failed record and failed policies as well as President Obama’s record as a consistent advocate for small businesses.

Mitt Romney’s going to have to have more than manipulating video and taking quotes out of context to make up for his failed record on jobs and economic and small business development as Governor of Massachusetts and the policies he’s advocating for now that would roll back the investments and support small businesses and communities have always counted on to succeed. As governor of Massachusetts you need look no further than Mitt Romney finishing 47th out of 50 in jobs and manufacturing plummeting to know Mitt Romney’s tenure was a disaster for small businesses in the Bay State.

Maybe Team Obama meant “nuked,” as in run through the microwave … because this looks like leftover hash from attacks that didn’t do the campaign much good since Romney became the presumptive GOP nominee.