Well, Obama’s jobs council is sure getting plenty of attention now.

Politico reported Obama had been neglecting his all-star panel of CEOs for six months, which led to reporting on the political downsides of meeting with business leaders accused of outsourcing while he’s lambasting Romney for allegedly outsourcing, and reporting on how Obama’s job council agrees with Romney’s tax plan, and Jay Carney’s stuttering 2-minutes of nothing, which led to today’s RNC ad on the subject, which highlights stats even Politifact had to green-light without contorting itself into a dubious “Half-True” certification. Oh, awkward turtle.

The White House insisted again Thursday that it thinks the jobs council is pretty keen. When asked about the issue, Carney responded that the president’s “extremely appreciative” of the group.

“This president is focused on job creation and economic growth and he is using every tool in his tool box to advance economic growth.”

Sure, he just uses a tool box like a sophomore in college in her first apartment. How does a crescent wrench work again?

Obama told a Florida audience today that he spends “every waking hour” thinking about them and “fighting as hard” as he knows how for them.

If you listen between the lines, you’ll hear this: “I would wake up every single day, every single day and spend every waking hour thinking about you…because I see myself in you.” Now, that I buy.

The Miami Herald sets the scene down south, illustrating the, ahem, change from HopenChange’s first go-round with a telling header: “Has the Florida thrill faded for President Barack Obama?”

In 2008, a packed and enthusiastic crowd of 9,000 greeted Obama at Veteran’s Arena. This year, the number of supporters was estimated at 3,000 on the first of a two-day swing through the nation’s largest battleground state.

Obama has sunk as much as $17 million in Florida ads — mostly negative — but he remains statistically tied with Romney in the Sunshine State and the rest of the nation, according to a batch of state and national polls.

Maybe the phaser is accidentally set to kill.