BuzzFeed’s getting linked for this at Drudge, but they’re not the ones who uploaded it to YouTube. Any guesses who did? Here’s a hint: This clip will be in near-constant rotation on your television this fall if you happen to live in a swing state.

Not even Biden would blindly stumble into a talking point this potentially unhelpful to his own side (I think). It has to be deliberate, which makes me think they’ve finally given up on the “green shoots”/”recovery summer” idiocy and fully embraced the “no one could have done anything with the economic smoking crater we inherited from Bush” rationale. And why not? Compare O’s numbers now on this question from last night’s NBC/WSJ poll to the numbers from June 2011. (The 2011 sample was actually even more Dem-leaning than yesterday’s was.)

Rock steady despite another full year of Obamanomics “magic.” The punchline is that, also per last night’s poll, 51 percent of voters still think the economy’s recovering and 43 percent thought this month’s abandon-all-hope jobs report was “reason for optimism.” That is to say, there are plenty of chumps out there still willing to buy O’s old argument that things are improving, however slowly. The fact that Biden’s trying to talk them down now by using the D-word on the stump presumably means that the White House is expecting further malaise until election day (a safe bet) and calculating that the ranks of optimists will thin considerably over the next three months. Better to admit that things are bad and that Romney will make things worse with a return to Bush-ian policies than blow smoke up voters’ butts of how far we’ve supposedly come in three years. People may believe that now, but they won’t soon.

Exit question via Rush Limbaugh: Is this actually Biden’s way of warning O not to yank him off the ticket? There’s more where this came from if he’s forced to go rogue.

Update: Mitt’s gambling that being “Not Obama” on the economy is good enough. Sure hope he’s right. If not, then Biden’s otherwise insane talking point here isn’t nearly as damaging. From Fox News:

A new Fox News poll released Wednesday shows that by a 14 percentage-point margin, more voters think Barack Obama (41 percent) has a clear plan to improve the economy than think Mitt Romney does (27 percent). Still, a 53-percent majority says Obama doesn’t have a plan, and a 55-percent majority says Romney doesn’t…

Shortly after taking office Obama said it was up to him to improve the economy, and if he didn’t do so in three years he would be a one-term president. The new poll asks, “If voters hold Obama accountable on getting the economy on track, do you think he would deserve re-election, or not?” Voters are split: 48 percent say Obama would deserve another term, while 47 percent disagree.

Forty percent of voters think the economy’s getting better. Thirty-nine percent think it’s getting worse.