The Romney campaign has expanded its positive-ad messaging, while specifying its content to certain swing states.  Last month, the campaign released a series of “Day 1” ads that were national in scope.  Today, they start a new positive-messaging track with “First 100 Days,” only this time the 30-second TV ads will be modified slightly to run in specific swing states — Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina.  For instance, here’s the Iowa pitch, which focuses on budget deficits and ObamaCare:

In Ohio, though, the ad pledges that “Mitt Romney stands up to China,” a big concern in the manufacturing-heavy state, and then promises to repeal energy regulation that “is costing us jobs”:

Virginia starts off like Iowa with the focus on ObamaCare, budgets and deficits, but then pledges to start drilling off the coast to get more energy production and jobs for the Old Dominion:

North Carolina also sounds like Iowa, with a bigger emphasis on the economy:

Presidential elections are won in states like these.  Usually a challenger doesn’t have the kind of resources to produce a tailored array of ads, especially positive ads, until the convention.  Romney’s fundraising has given him an advantage over the usual rhythms of the cycle, and his team appears to be putting those resources to good use.