Global wind day has come and gone, and not one of you sent me a card. Bastages.

Did you know that today is Global Wind Day? It’s a day for environmental activists to push for more funding for wind farms and indoctrinate young children. It appears that the corrupt Sierra Club (a group that took funding from natural gas companies before knifing those companies in the back) is one of Global Wind Day’s biggest promoters.

The Renewable Energy Industrial Index (RENIXX) tracks the stock value of wind and solar companies. In May—though you did not read about it in the mainstream media—it announced that thirty of the largest renewable energy companies were trading at “an all- time low” and the index “had lost over 90% of its value since 2008.”

So, naturally, the Sierra Club was eager to tell me about Global Wind Day and that my home state of New Jersey had the “potential to replace all the dirty coal and gas plants in the state.” The distance between “potential” and reality is roughly the distance between New Jersey and the planet Neptune.(Read More)

As the Lonely Conservative points out, no day of global activism would be complete without some effort to indoctrinate the children. (Remember… it’s about the children.) How better to give everyone a leg up on the miracles of failing fiscal proposals without having to worry about silly things like math? Get ’em while they’re young.

Global environmentalists connected with the radical Party of European Socialists are indoctrinating and manipulating innocent children as props to advance their radical “renewable” energy schemes.

Examination of the website reveals a concentrated effort to indoctrinate small children into a cult-like movement to force taxpayers to provide massive subsidies for on land, and the even more costly, offshore wind mills.

“These European eco-zealots are penetrating our grammar schools with a bizarre program of indoctrination that includes forcing little children to color in propaganda style coloring books while being taught that the world will end if windmills don’t come to the rescue,” stated AFP New Jersey state director Steve Lonegan.

I need some new coloring books for my great nephews and nieces. Does anyone have any better ideas? I mean, this could be a serious market opportunity here. How about a coloring book about, “My Daddy Drills for Oil” or “Dennis the Drill and the Big Fracking Adventure?” It could work!