As smug and annoying as he is when he tries to shut down the question by presuming to speak for the public, wouldn’t you have thrown yourself between her and the mic if you were him? She’s a rolling disaster, from the “high cheekbones” inanity to today’s verrrry belated admission. In a state less blue than Massachusetts, she’d be finished already. Go figure that a Democrat more polished than her would intervene by not only fielding the question but attempting to bigfoot the media into letting the damned thing drop already before she loses any more credibility.

It’s not over yet, though:

Cherokees angered by Elizabeth Warren’s claims of Native American heritage said today they’ll stand in silent protest against the embattled Senate candidate during Saturday’s Democratic Convention in Springfield.

“I believe we need a presence there. Warren hasn’t recanted her claims or apologized to the Cherokee people,” said David Cornsilk, a 53-year-old citizen of Cherokee Nation who co-created a group called “Cherokees Demand Truth from Elizabeth Warren.”

As for Patrick’s claim that no one cares about this, they’re ready for that one:

Twila Barnes, a Cherokee genealogist who said she has dug as far as 188 years into Warren’s heritage and found no Native American links, disagreed.

“There are plenty of people from Massachusetts posting on our Facebook page who say they do care about that subject,” said Barnes, who is organizing tribal members to pressure Warren on her claims. “We Cherokees care about it, and we’re not going to stop talking about it until she tells the truth.”

It’s not just Cherokees who take exception, either. Per Legal Insurrection, she’s apparently been dodging American Indian media inquiries — which is curious, since this whole mess started in the mid-80s precisely because, according to her, she thought listing herself as a minority in professional directories would be a useful way to meet fellow Native Americans. Suddenly she’s got lots of Native Americans eager to meet her. What’s the hold up?