One presidential campaign uses the slogan “Forward.” It’s even in their campaign ads, which is a good thing, because otherwise one might be confused about which campaign looks forward at all.  Via Guy Benson, the Obama “Forward” campaign’s new ad continues the ball-spiking over last year’s Osama bin Laden raid:

Like Guy, I have no problem with Obama claiming credit for the OBL raid, and at least they’ve dropped the offensive argument that Romney wouldn’t have made the same call, or they have for now, anyway.  Presidents get to claim credit for military operations that happen under their command, just as they have to take the blame for those that don’t turn out well.  The problem here is that, after flopping on their attacks on Bain Capital, it’s clear that the Obama campaign really doesn’t want to talk about their goals for a second term in office, but instead want to look, er, backward to the few accomplishments they can claim.

Team Romney, on the other hand, is all about looking “forward.”  In their latest ad, they give an even closer look at Day One of a Mitt Romney presidency in January:

“That’s what a Romney presidency will be like,” the ad concludes.  At least Romney’s talking about the next term.  The “Forward” campaign seems stuck vacillating between May 2011 and 2002.