If you think life is tough, Chicagoans, just consider the hard life of … Barack Obama.  Angry that the NATO conference tied up traffic for hours?  That’s nothing, says President Obama.  Why, he had it so tough that he had to stay at a five-star hotel.  And for that, Chicago should be grateful, Obama explained (video at the link):

“The only other thing I’ll say about this is, thank you to everybody who endured the traffic situation. Obviously, Chicago residents who had difficulties getting home or getting to work or what have you, you know, that’s — what can I tell you? That’s part of the price of being a world city,” President Obama said at a news conference at the NATO summit in Chicago.

“But this was a great showcase. And if it makes those folks feel any better, despite being 15 minutes away from my house, nobody would let me go home. I was thinking I would be able to sleep in my own bed tonight. They said I would cause even worse traffic so I ended up staying at a hotel, which contributes to the Chicago economy,” Obama said on Monday afternoon.

So if you’re stuck in traffic, well, c’est la vie en les grandes villes.  A couple of nights in a swanky hotel?  That’s true sacrifice, and not just sacrifice, but a boon to the economy, too!

Anyone in Chicago “feel any better” now, knowing of their leader’s great sacrifices on their behalf?

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