To cleanse the palate, this movie can’t possibly be as bad as it looks. Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis, a release date just three months before a presidential election — it has to be worth seeing, if only for the ad libs. As it is, this trailer’s so terrible, I had to google the title to make sure it’s for an actual movie and not just some sort of gonzo subversive Will-and-Zach YouTube goof on the corniness of Hollywood political satire. (The “Yamaha” gag in particular seems too lame to be meant as a bona fide laugh line.) You’ve got Ferrell in John Edwards hair doing a slightly modified version of his George W. Bush impersonation and Galifianakis sounding at times vaguely like a southern version of Rip Taylor. Curiously, it’s not clear from the clip which party each is supposed to belong to. Hard to believe they’re going to goof on the Democrats; maybe it’s supposed to be a Republican primary? I get the sense that it’s as much a sustained joke on the south as it is on Congress or modern politics.

I’d been counting the days until the “Anchorman” sequel, and now this. What happened?