Something a little more lighthearted in what is shaping up to be another relatively slow news week. Since we are now committed financially to Afghanistan through at least 2024, and no doubt millions and millions of dollars will continue to go towards hiring and training Afghan police, I thought it might be worthwhile to take a brief look at what we are getting for our money. Via Pajhwok Afghan News:

I can’t tell if these guys are training to be genuine bad-asses…or the keystone cops. I suppose a little jujitsu may come in handy from time to time when you need to force-submit your local Taliban chief, and who needs a battering ram when you can just high-kick your way through any obstacle. But someone with real police or military training experience is going to have to enlighten me on the purpose of those slow-motion drop maneuvers about three-quarters of the way through. Is this some sort of synchronized surrender technique? Because sadly that may come in handy too.

Or maybe it’s just intended to demonstrate fearlessness on the part of the graduating cadets. Because that they certainly are, with so many Afghan police bombed and murdered on a regular basis. In all seriousness we should be rooting for their success. Not just because of the blood and treasure we have invested in the country, but for the sake of regional stability and all the innocent people caught in the crossfire in the fight against extremism. Ultimately the Afghan people will have to sustain this fight on their own, and it will certainly require no shortage of bravery and skill on the part of their security forces. I hope they are up to the challenge.