Many of the nation’s top conservative bloggers are gathered in Charlotte this weekend for BlogCon 2012, and Peter Ingemi from DaTechGuy blog managed to grab a few minutes with Sean Bielat. Conservative hopes around the country were dashed in 2010 when the Big Red Wave was not quite big enough to enable Bielat to unseat Barney Frank in MA-04. But with Frank retiring at the end of this term, the ever-persistent, and congenial Bielat is giving it another shot. Here’s an early update on the status of his campaign:

If Bielat were running for ‘nicest guy’ in Massachusetts he would probably win in a landslide, but he’s facing off against a tough primary opponent in Dr. Elizabeth Childs, and then has the latest aspiring member of the Kennedy dynasty (Joseph Kennedy III) waiting in the wings for November. It will be another very challenging race. But for those of you who aren’t familiar with Bielat, he has more than a winning personality. He’s a former Marine Lieutenant and an experienced business leader with an MBA from Wharton and Masters in Public Policy from Harvard. Seriously. But as impressive as these credentials are, I’m sure Bielat would be quick to say that his most important achievements are the ones pictured below.

Bielat was a conservative favorite in 2010 and I am sure he would once again welcome your support.

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