Last November, we told you about the launch of a new tool for political junkies brought to you by House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy called WhipCast. It’s a way for the GOP leadership to reach out to voters in the digital age, providing tools for communication, planning and organizing through mobile phones and pretty much all of the latest cool kid gizmos. It’s still going strong and, as the Daily Caller reports, garnering some awards for taking politics to the cutting edge.

Over the weekend, WhipCast won several awards at the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) Pollie Awards & Conference, which has been hailed by Esquire Magazine as “the Oscars of political advertising.”

Developed by the digital media political consulting firm CRAFT, WhipCast was launched in November 2011 by the office of House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy simultaneously across all major platforms. The app provides mobile users with information pertaining to House Republican initiatives.

McCarthy is going to keep pushing the envelope in the 2012 election season.

“As Majority Whip, I understand the importance of utilizing technology to enhance the communications and outreach efforts of the House Republican Conference, while also making the House more open and transparent to the American people. WhipCast embodies these objectives and reaffirms our commitment to changing the culture of Washington. I am very proud of all the work that has gone into making it such a success.”

I wonder what else we could do with a tool like this? Communication is fine, and everyone is pretty much on Twitter and Facebook by now, but it’s only effective if people put it to good use. Just having the Whip put information out there is nice, but active supporters need to be able to do something with the information out in the public square. What other uses could we come up with for this and what sort of features should we suggest be added?