Taylor Swift “freaked out” and green goo gushed … when Michelle Obama ventured to the Kids Choice Awards:

Michelle Obama got more than she’d bargained for when she turned up at last night’s Kids’ Choice Awards.

But perhaps it should have been no surprise when she was splattered with slime at the conclusion of Hollywood’s zaniest awards show.

Drenching celebrities with green goo is a hallowed tradition at the KCAs, and the First Lady was lucky not to be directly in the firing line.

But sitting close to the stage at the awards, she did pick up a bit of slime when Will Smith and Justin Bieber were caught in the gooey crosshairs.

Mrs Obama, who attended the awards with her daughters Sasha and Malia, seemed to take the mess in good humour, laughing along with the raucous crowd and even dancing in her seat.

Perhaps it seems to you that this is just silly, but don’t diminish the savvy this displays. The KCAs are one of the most-watched children’s programs on Nickelodeon. Michelle Obama, out with her daughters for a laugh-filled evening, is a relatable Michelle Obama. Her attire might not have been the classiest she could have chosen, but her bright eyes and big smile hint at why she’s enormously popular. Don’t forget: Michelle Obama has the highest approval rating of any woman vying to occupy the White House from 2012 to 2016 — and the women are more popular than the men.

For the most part, Mrs. Obama has played the part of First Lady well, and the First Family is an asset for Barack Obama on the campaign trail. Why else would he bring them into conversation so frequently? Then again, it could be that it comes naturally to him, as it does for many parents — but, if they were a liability, you can be sure he wouldn’t mention ’em. What’s important to recognize here is that Barack, who has been so blessed by the support of his family, still doesn’t realize that his policies, so many of which seek to substitute the state for the family, weaken others’ chances to have what he has. Perhaps it’s time for Barack to do a little “soul-searching,” as he recently advised us to do.