We’re a few days late to this, I know, but it’s perfect Friday material and a nifty sequel to the greatest arrest ever. I’m giving you two versions of the dashboard-cam video, the AP’s edited clip and the PD’s extended director’s cut, but the highlight of this post isn’t the footage, as insane as it is. It’s this must-read WaPo report on what “Batman” does with his time. He’s not fighting crime anymore, but he’s still a hero:

When Batman finally reached the elevator for the slow ride up to the cancer ward, I could see his face already sweating behind the mask. He told me he loses 5 to 6 pounds in water weight when he wears the superhero uniform. He paid $5,000 for it. He spends $25,000 a year of his own money on Batman toys and memorabilia. He signs every book, hat, T-shirt and backpack he hands out — Batman

Batman began visiting Baltimore area hospitals in 2001, sometimes with his now teenage son Brandon playing Robin. Once other hospitals and charities heard about his car and his cape, Batman was put on superhero speed dial for children’s causes around the region. He visits sick kids at least couple times a month, sometimes more often. He visits schools, too, to talk about bullying. He does not do birthday parties.

“Eventually, it sinks in and you become him,” Batman told me. “It feels like I have a responsibility that’s beyond a normal person. And that responsibility is to be there for the kids, to be strong for them, and to make them smile as much as I can.” He understands that might sound corny, but he doesn’t care…

Batman stepped off the elevator on the fourth floor of Children’s. Spider-Man and Wonder Woman were there too — both professional actors from talent agencies, on the clock. He picked up a little boy and said, “I have a present for you.” He shook hands with a father and handed him a yellow rubber Batman bracelet, saying, “This will bring you good luck.” The father said, “We need good luck.”

Read to the end of the story for the reaction upon seeing the “Batmobile” of a four-year-old whose baby sister has cancer. Said “Batman” to Jalopnik, “I don’t do it to become famous, I do it for the kids. They mean more to me than anything.” It’s only March but this might be the feelgood story of the year.