Except for the stratospheric price tag, the title sounds like the sort of come-on you would expect to see on the boardwalk at Ocean City. You know the routine: Suckers get to pose alongside a lifesize cardboard cutout of the First Lady, much like the one next to the schlemiel in this picture.

Only this is the real deal. In the latest shameless ploy to raise campaign funds, Mrs. Obama will be making a limited engagement in-the-flesh appearance in Boston. The Boston Herald reports:

The first lady is doing two events in town, a panel discussion with representatives from the left-leaning Emily’s List, NARAL and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health at the Institute of Contemporary Art on March 9. A ticket to that event can be had for the bargain basement price of $500.

But the ‘formal dinner and photo opportunity’ with Mrs. O that follows is the big ticket item: $5,000 a head (or $2,500 for preferred seating and no pic).

Well, in fairness, not just a head. I am presuming that your whole body appears along with the First Lady’s well-toned physique (the result, no doubt, of a healthy diet).

The column goes on to observe that her husband, His Nibs, has made previous trips to Beantown for photo ops with the commoners, one of which went for the even more outrageous price of $15,000. But former area talk show host and conservative commentator Michelle McPhee claims that the president has charged as much as much as $50,000 for Kodak memories.

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