I’ve spent the week in Washington DC at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which is a lot of work — but a lot of fun.  I get to meet a lot of people and get a few of them on camera, and one of the most fun interviews was Todd Starnes, author of Dispatches from Bitter America: A Gun Toting, Chicken Eating Son of a Baptist’s Culture War Stories, his new book about his travels through Barack Obama’s America.  Todd admits on camera that he is a chicken genocidist (presumably helped by KFC and Popeye’s), and his book contains a whimsical passage about what kind of trial he could expect from the Obama administration. He also tells me that his book has been banned in five Brooklyn bookstores because it doesn’t promote “tolerance,” which is a teachable moment of irony everywhere but Flatbush, apparently. We also seriously discuss the Obama disconnect to middle America shown in the HHS mandate, a conversation that took place before yesterday’s “accommodation” was announced.

Todd has a regular Fox gig for commentary, so be sure to check out his website for more entertaining and trenchant commentary. He’s a real son of a Baptist, and we’ll have to convince him to show up on TEMS every once in a while.