Yesterday, I walked out of Bloggers Row to make my way to one of the events, and I walked past someone I thought I recognized. I introduced myself to Allen Covert, who has appeared in almost every Adam Sandler film — including my favorite role of his as Sammy, the limo driver and best friend in The Wedding Singer. Allen made his first visit to CPAC this year in order to promote a new venture called Cherry Tree Children, an e-book effort that teaches traditional values to younger children, between the ages of 3 to 6 years of age.  The books fill the same kind of role as the old Schoolhouse Rock cartoons, Allen tells me in this video:

On a personal note, Allen turns out to be a terrific guy.  You’ll see that in the interview, too, but it’s not an act.  He was friendly and engaging with everyone in and around our Townhall booth.  He’s a Hot Air reader (which would qualify him for terrific guy status all on its own), but he’s just a genuinely nice man.  This interview was one of my favorite moments at CPAC.

Be sure to check out the Cherry Tree app on iPad and iPhone, and it will be available for Amazon Kindle very soon, too.  I’m looking forward to buying the books (at $2.99 each, a steal) for my granddaughters.

Update: Not long after this posted, I ran into Allen one more time, and he told me (after having read this post) that he’s been reading me since Captain’s Quarters.  Now that’s pretty cool.