You make the call. Is this Biden signaling a climbdown by the administration (again), or is this Biden trying to force a climbdown by publicly breaking with Obama? Remember, according to ABC, he was one of the most passionate opponents of the new rule inside the White House. He knows he’s handing the GOP a talking point here by suggesting that the conscience exemption as it stands is insufficient. If he’s not doing this at Obama’s behest then he’s making life difficult for him, especially after The One reportedly doubled down on the rule at yesterday’s Democratic retreat.

“I am determined to see that this gets worked out, and I believe we can work it out,” Biden told WLW radio in Cincinnati today. “But the frustration … is real.”…

“When HHS put out its ruling on this issue, it said that it’s going to take a year to work out whatever difficulties the Catholic church has, to make sure we do not force the Catholic church into a position where they are having to do something that they fundamentally think is inconsistent with their religious beliefs. That is under way,” he explained.

“There’s going to be a significant attempt to work this out, and there’s time to do that. And as a practicing Catholic, you know, I am of the view that this can be worked out and should be worked out and I think the president, I know the president, feels the same way,” Biden said.

Does he? He’d better tell Barbara Boxer and Pelosi, then, because I think they’re under a different impression. Actually, maybe this is just Biden’s hamfisted attempt to play good cop to O’s bad cop for undecided voters. If you’re opposed to the rule, here’s a big bright neon reminder that people close to Obama share your concerns. Granted, they’re powerless to do anything about it, but they care. That counts for something, no? Second look at impotent panders?

Here’s Paul Ryan on with Laura Ingraham this morning laying into HHS over the rule and spinning it out into a broader critique of ObamaCare and IPAB. When it comes to government bureaucrats making health-care decisions on your behalf, you ain’t seen nothing yet.