Allahpundit already tipped off the masses to news that Occupy DC and their related squatter ilk were planning on causing trouble at CPAC this week. No surprise there, as they’re bound to show up anywhere they think they can attract some cameras. But a friendly little bird whispered in my e-mail inbox today sending me a notification of another group which he claims is looking for some trouble specific to the appearance by Florida Senator Marco Rubio. I’ll get to what we know about the participants in a minute, but here is the “official” version of a press release they are putting out.

MEDIA ADVISORY: DREAMers to Protest Sen. Marco Rubio, Exposing His Ties to Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino Groups attending Conservative Political Action Conference 2012

DREAMers to Sen. Marco Rubio: Stop Your Rhetoric, Co-Sponsor the Dream Act Now!

Washington D.C. – On Thursday, February 9, 2012, DREAM Act students and supporters will host a press conference and protest at the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) demanding that Senator Marco Rubio shift his anti-immigrant positions and drop his extremist Tea Party partisanship. Local supporters of the NO SOMOS RUBIOS (We are not Marco Rubios!) campaign will be on hand to expose the Tea Party favorite and ask, “Who is the real Marco Rubio?”. The NO SOMOS RUBIOS campaign launched in January at the conservative Hispanic Leadership Network’s 2012 Conference in Miami, Florida.

Marco Rubio has been hailed as a potential vice presidential nominee. In his January 27 remarks to the Hispanic Leadership Network conference, Rubio said “[T]here is broad support in America for the notion that for those children that were brought here at a very young age, by their parents, through no fault of their own, who have grown up here their entire lives, and now want to serve in the military or are high academic achievers and want to go to school and contribute to America’s future, I think there is broad bipartisan support for the notion that we should somehow figure out a way to accommodate them.”

DREAM Act students will demand that Senator Rubio define where he really stands once and for all: with DREAM Act students and Latino immigrants, or with the Tea Party.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with anyone calling a press conference, or protesting to express their opinions on public property for that matter, provided they follow all applicable regulations, permit requirements, etc. But our friend seems to feel that these folks may be up to a bit more than that and won’t be satisfied with a simple thirty second slot on the evening news. Given the rumors we’ve already seen about plans for disruptive “civil disobedience” which may lead some of them to wish to be arrested, don’t be at all surprised if this group finds themselves teaming up with the Occupier forces.

Here’s who is listed in this group:

United We Dream
Presente Action
DREAM Act Students, who I can’t find a home base for, but do show up in the news.

A request for additional contact information and comment was not returned in time for publication of this article.

Things will probably turn out for the best, and I’ve no doubt but that the stalwart CPAC attendees can handle themselves just fine. But there is a growing sense that some of these people aren’t going to be satisfied with just throwing glitter bombs. With someone as high profile as Rubio showing up, it might be a good idea to keep an extra careful eye on security procedures. Forewarned is forearmed.