I feel duty bound to post it, partly because you guys are pushing 300 comments in the earlier thread and partly because it bugs me that people were attacking her for, of all things, asking friends to pray for Brady on his big day. (“Disgustingly sappy,” sniffed the Post.) My assumption about her before this week was that she probably barely knew what football was — couldn’t be bothered to follow it, didn’t care what happened to Brady’s team, knew that he was a big star and that that’s all that matters. I.e. stereotypical aloof model. Turns out she cares enough that she’s e-mailing friends to send him good vibes, went to the game to cheer him on, defended him when some drunk started taunting her about him losing to the Giants again, and then rushed to give him this little pep talk after he finally emerged from his catatonic state after the game. That’s … kind of nice, right? Nicer than you’d expect, at least? I know we’re supposed to hate them both to pieces for being amazing-looking and fantastically rich and successful, but even as a Jets fan I can’t quite muster the loathing. Second look at amazing-looking, fantastically rich and successful people?

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