To cleanse the palate, in case you’re one of the six or seven people in America who didn’t see it last night. Three obvious questions here. One: How can it be that this trailer is actually weaker than the one that came out in October? They had three extra months of post-production and editing to deliver their very best stuff for the Super Bowl spot. Two: Is there really no Marvel woman superhero cooler than Black Widow? Jonathan Last is tragically correct about that sad-trombone dramatic pan near the end. Three: I haven’t seen “Captain America” or “Thor” so correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Downey’s “Iron Man” character dramatically more snarky and colorful than the rest of the characters here? My understanding is that the rest are all straightforward superheroes — serious, earnest, alpha, vanilla, — whereas Tony Stark is quite Downey-ish, i.e. quick-witted and a touch nebbishy. That’s a strange mix of personality types, sort of like sticking Bill Murray in the middle of a war movie. (A real war movie, not “Stripes.”) Am I right about that or does Captain America also have a wicked deadpan sense of humor that he uses to disarm Nazis before killing them?