Via Yahoo Sports, which notes that this is airing on Sunday exclusively in Canada because “Canadians are much more likely to buy beer based on something like this than a maudlin, tedious slice of Americana involving children and Clydesdales. And vice versa.” Really? The eight-millionth iteration of the Clydesdales trotting in slo-mo is more likely to move units than a poignant clip about a bunch of average guys suddenly enjoying a moment of athletic glory that we all dream of as kids? Unlikely. On the contrary, the fact that they’re Canadian makes it especially touching: These poor joes live in a country where no one’s even thought to make a bacon milkshake. At the end of the day, what do they have to show for themselves? Besides a Constitution superior to ours, I mean.

As a bonus, to atone for subjecting you to that disappointing Ferris Bueller ad the other day, I’m embedding a second clip below that you will see during the game. I don’t want to spoil it, but … two words: Soup Nazi.