Everything I said when I posted the teaser last month still holds. I’m not seeing Woody Harrelson as slick Beltway insider Steve Schmidt and I’m not seeing The One at all — literally. Wasn’t this book mainly about his big victory? Evidently there’s more drama in Sarah Palin complaining about her wardrobe than in the election of the first black president. That’s an … interesting judgment, HBO.

Makes sense, though. They can’t revisit the early euphoria of Hopenchange now lest it depress the hell out of disillusioned Democrats, so instead here’s two hours of the left’s eternal hate object melting down. I’ll give them this much — Julianne Moore looks remarkably like Palin in some of these scenes. Harrelson is a bust, Ed Harris as McCain is a bust, but I did a double take in the shot of her at the state fair and then in the Charlie Gibson interview. Emmys all around for the make-up people.