To cleanse the palate, via Time, behold a supernova of global nerdery — as if millions of geeky voices cried out in excitement and then decided to start recording themselves acting out “Star Wars.” The concept here was simple: The movie was cut into 15-second chunks and then pieced out to anyone and everyone who wanted to participate. The participants filmed themselves re-enacting their snippet — in any format they wanted — then e-mailed it back to the producers to be stitched together into a full-length re-creation of the film. I can’t believe anyone’s sat through the whole thing, as it quickly starts to feel hallucinatory, but skip around and see where the collective imagination takes you. In a way, this is the ultimate tribute to the movie’s global cultural ubiquity: You can’t judge a snippet unless you know the film for reference, but of course literally everyone knows the film. It’s an in-joke shared by several billion people.