Earlier today, I participated in the virtual Blogger Row for House Republicans for reaction to President Obama’s State of the Union speech, and spoke with Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS). Rep. Pompeo sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which led to an interesting discussion of the obstacles being tossed in front of natural-gas production in the US by the Obama administration. Rep. Pompeo noted that Obama talked a little about natural gas but also added that he wants the EPA to have jurisdiction over its production, a function that has been until now left to the states to handle.  We discussed how Obama tried to push his green-tech stimulus plans again without ever mentioning the bath taxpayers took on Solyndra or the $6.5 billion at high risk from the 2009 stimulus plan passed by Democrats as well:

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Pompeo told me that Kansas has just discovered a new gas field this week, and that it’s “ridiculous” that Obama talks about natural gas while trying to block its production through fracking regulation that essentially blocks the practice.  We also talked about Dennis Kucinich’s proposal for a “Reasonable Profits Board,” which Pompeo mercilessly skewers.  Be sure to watch it all, and my apologies in advance for the camera issue on my end.  It only lasts for the first minute or so.