Are you ready for some … SOTU?  A Tuesday night party?  Let’s face it — not even a foot-stomping intro from Hank Williams Jr would make a State of the Union speech interesting, let alone fun.  It’s a party, with all of the wit, charm, spontaneity, and booze drained out of it.

Still, it’s a Major Political Event, and it offers a way to gain some perspective on time and performance.  The RNC reminds everyone that three years ago, Barack Obama promised to have improved the economy — and that if he didn’t, his presidency would be a “one-term proposition.”  The RNC wants to collect:

What about last year’s SOTU?  How did Obama do on delivering on those promises?  According to Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post, Obama made 18 deliverable promises.  How many did he get?  Er … five.  That’s a success rate of 28%, which would be a good, solid F-minus on any professor’s grade scale.

The GOP reminds us that Obama specifically promoted Solyndra in last year’s SOTU:

In 2010, Obama Touted His Clean Energy Spending Record, Using A “California Business That Will Put A Thousand People To Work Making Solar Panels” As An Example Of His Vision For The Country.  OBAMA: “You can see the results of last year’s investments in clean energy – in the North Carolina company that will create 1,200 jobs nationwide helping to make advanced batteries; or in the California business that will put a thousand people to work making solar panels.” (President Barack Obama, Remarks At State Of The Union Address, Washington, D.C., 1/27/10)

That Solar Panel Company, Which Obama Later Called “A True Engine Of Economic Growth” And Poster-Child For “American Ingenuity” Filed For Bankruptcy And Fired Over 1,000 Americans

Obama:“The True Engine Of Economic Growth Will Always Be Companies Like Solyndra …” (President Obama, Remarks By The President On The Economy, Fremont, CA, 5/26/10)

Solyndra, Obama’s Poster-Child For “American Ingenuity And Dynamism,” Declared Bankruptcy. “The California-based Solyndra, which employed more than 1,000 people, declared bankruptcy earlier this month. President Obama visited the company in May of 2010, saying it was a prime example of ‘American ingenuity and dynamism.’” (Alexander Mooney, “White House Beats Back Claim It Pressured Loan To Now-Bankrupt Company.” CNN, 9/14/11)

  • Solyndra Announced That It Will File For Bankruptcy, Immediately Laying Off 1,100 Employees. “Solyndra, a Fremont solar tech manufacturer, announced Wednesday it is suspending operations and immediately laying off 1,100 employees. The company said it will also file for bankruptcy.” (George Avalos, “Fremont Solar Tech Firm Solyndra To Shut Down, Lay Off 1,100 Workers,” The [San Jose] Mercury News, 8/31/11)
  • Solyndra Was Offered The First Recovery Act Loan Guarantee, Receiving $535 Million From Taxpayers In March 2009, And Went Bankrupt In August 2011.(Solyndra, “Solyndra Offered $535 Million Loan Guarantee By The U.S. Department Of Energy,” Press Release, 3/20/09; Joe Stephens And Carol Leonnig, “House Republicans Step Up Solyndra Investigation,” The Washington Post, 9/1/11; George Avalos, “Fremont Solar Tech Firm Solyndra To Shut Down, Lay Off 1,100 Workers,” The San Jose Mercury News, 8/31/11)

What empty promises will Obama offer tonight?