I hope that the “Reasonable Profits Board” comes up as a topic in tonight’s CNN debate. I have no doubt whatsoever that Barack Obama’s choice of venue for his latest economic speech will get plenty of airing tonight.  Newt Gingrich hits the big, slow, hanging curve out of the ballpark — or amusement park:

The money moment:

But I have to confess, as I thought this morning about the President flanked on one side by Mickey Mouse [laughter], and on the other side by Goofy [laughter], resembling actually a sort of Cabinet picture of the Obama administration [laughter and applause], I just felt better about the idea.

Mitt Romney got in on the joke, too:

In advance of President Barack Obama’s visit to Walt Disney World to announce new tourism initiatives, Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney ridiculed the trip as another stop in ‘”fantasyland” for the president.

U.S. Rep. John Mica, R-Winter Park, who joined Romney on the press conference call Thursday morning, said he welcomed the president’s visit and the expected tourism programs but added, “he’s a day late and a few projects short.” And U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Miami, playing off the Main Street U.S.A location of Obama’s speech, accused the president of closing down main streets everywhere.

Romney, speaking from South Carolina, said that Obama “has chosen Fantasyland to give this address.”

Actually, though Obama will speak in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, he won’t set foot in Fantasyland. Main Street U.S.A. is a separate section of  the giant theme park.

But that didn’t stop Romney from declaring, “He has been speaking from Fantasyland for some time now.”

Oh, yes.  We’ll be hearing plenty about this tonight.

Update (Tina): The optics of this speech really couldn’t be any worse for the president. Not only is he closing down Disney’s “Main Street U.S.A.,” but he’s also the reason Disney will have to cancel extra “magic hours” and postpone its “Celebrate a Dream Come True” parade. Maybe his campaign doesn’t understand the power of metaphorical suggestion?