It’s already been established that Newt Gingrich’s and Rick Perry’s attacks on Mitt Romney for his record at Bain Capital flopped — but that doesn’t mean Mitt Romney won’t continue to use them to gain whatever mileage he can from their missteps. The latest video to come from the Romney campaign features the voice of Mike Huckabee in defense of Romney’s capitalistic practices:

The real question is: How will this play out in tonight’s debate? Expect to see both Gingrich and Perry back off if the topic of Bain Capital comes up. Expect Mitt Romney to really play up his “private-sector experience” talking point. Expect Rick Santorum to steer clear — to his own advantage — just as he has throughout.

Meantime, don’t fall for the theory that the Bain Capital attacks have prompted scores of voters to flock to Mitt Romney. As Karl’s recent post reminds us, casual voters probably haven’t given more than a cursory thought to the Bain drama, if they’ve heard of it at all.