If the protesters had melted their jewelry in a campfire and crafted a calf made of solid gold, this would have been more impressive. As it is, it seems like a desperate plea for attention now that most of their Occupy brethren across the country have packed up and put away the tents. Based on the video evidence, the calf appears to be of cardboard and golden foil paper. Awesome.

Something’s just off with the symbolism of the general gesture, too: In Scripture, the fashioners of the calf were the idolators. That makes sense — given how obsessed Occupiers are with income equality, it seems fair to say they make money and material goods the measure of life — but the protesters don’t seem to grasp that they’re indicting themselves.

Still, I’m happy to give this a headline because, when they’re not perpetrating appalling violence, Occupiers are usually good for a laugh.

In this case, the laugh comes at the very end of the video, when a protester sincerely intones that mandatory taxes are, er, voluntary because anybody who doesn’t like the U.S. tax code can leave the country. By that logic, the only requirement for a free society is a government that allows its citizens to move to other countries. By the way, Mr. Occupier, you don’t like the current tax code. Why don’t you take your own advice and move to Switzerland or something?