After all the fun we had last week in holding our open registration, who wouldn’t want to relive it the very next week?  Our courageous staff support at Townhall has been medically cleared for duty, our systems have been fortified, and mainly we’re all a bunch of masochists.  What could go wrong?

So tomorrow, we will once again hold an open registration for new commenters here at Hot Air, between 9 am and 4 pm ET, when our staff support is on duty to assist in the process.  Just like last week, we will approve new registrants, not process amnesty requests for previously-banned commenters. We’ll have instructions in tomorrow’s post on how this works and what to expect — so please make sure you read those before peppering us with questions we have already answered.

Why hold another right now?  First, we think we fixed the problems that plagued us last week, so it should go much smoother.  Also, we want to add as many commenters as we can in order to increase participation in a new feature we will launch here and at our sister site Townhall — the Hot Air/Townhall Republican primary!  (They’re probably calling it the Townhall/Hot Air Republican primary over there, but what do they know?)  Only registered commenters will be able to vote — so make sure you register tomorrow!

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