Attorney General Eric Holder has accused The Daily Caller of creating the story of calls for his resignation. Never mind that more than 50 Republicans are on board for his ouster. Maybe not all of them would have made the official call for his resignation had a DC reporter not called to ask their opinions — but the reporter didn’t supply the opinions for ’em. The gist of Holder’s accusation: Stop asking questions, reporters!

No doubt Democrats like Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson agree. Reporter Michelle Fields didn’t make him say what he said, but, if she hadn’t asked a question, he never would have said this quote, which was especially revealing about what he knows of the Fast and Furious scandal:

“I think this is another manufactured controversy by the second amendment, NRA Republican tea party movement,” Johnson said.

Hmm. How exactly did the Tea Party Movement or the NRA instigate an ATF program to sell firearms to straw purchasers and then rapidly lose track of the weapons?

Honestly, the quote makes so little sense, I don’t know how to respond to it. But, then again, it comes from a fellow who somehow managed to mention “white supremacists” in yesterday’s Judiciary hearing — and who once said overpopulation might cause the entire island of Guam to “tip over and capsize.” What did I expect?