It takes just one run-through to recognize that this video was not made by an official campaign — not because the production values are low (they’re really, really not), but because it’s somehow fun to watch. And it is that even though it points out inconsistencies in the two GOP frontrunners — inconsistencies I’d really rather not think about! The background music surely has a lot to do with the smile I wore as I viewed the video; it’s set to the Muppets’ “Mahna Mahnam” song. But I also love the colorful overlays, the consistent designs and the way it mostly makes use of primary sources — quotes that came directly from the candidates themselves.

Make no mistake: It’s an attack video that could just as easily have come from the Democratic National Committee as from a supporter of a GOP candidate. It’s not above cheap shots, either. It references Newt Gingrich’s affairs, for example — a relatively untouched subject this election cycle. (I predict, though, that it will become a more prominent topic of discussion as the Cain campaign struggles to overcome allegations of sexual harassment and adultery. Gingrich is no better, Cain supporters will say. Why is he at the top of the polls right now?)

With just one quote from Ron Paul — and a brief screen shot of “Ron Paul 2012” at the end of the video — this piece somehow does exactly what it’s intended to do … reminds viewers that Paul, of all the GOP candidates, has arguably been the most consistent in his views. If only those views were consistently conservative!