Before you start on me in the comments, let me just begin by saying, yes… I’m as tired of writing about it as you are of reading it. But let’s face the facts. The guy knows how to get his face out there in the news and the media will still scoop it up. So, let’s see here… I’ve flipped through my Rolodex of standard one liners about Donald Trump making an independent run for POTUS and narrowed it down to:

  • We’re already fired, thanks.
  • If you start this one more time I’m throwing myself off of the overpass so I can land a role on Dancing With the Cars.
  • If we really wanted a candidate whose most interesting feature is their hair, we’d say the heck with it and just go with Romney, OK?
  • We told you not to call until you got rid of the corporate jets.

That should do it. Pick whichever you care for. And now, Roll 212!

Real estate mogul and television host Donald Trump told Hotsheet Tuesday that he may enter the presidential race as an independent in May if “the right person doesn’t get nominated” by the Republican party.

“Come May, when the Celebrity Apprentice is completed, my contract to NBC is completed, I’m a free agent, as the expression goes,” he said. “I can make a decision. You know, obviously it would have to be as an independent.”

Trump said he would be forced to wait until May to enter the race because of equal time laws, which he called “ridiculous” in light of President Obama’s ability to travel the country on the taxpayer’s dime. (The law mandates that if one candidate is given time on a network, that network “shall afford equal opportunities to all other such candidates for that office in the use of such broadcasting station.”)

So, that happened.

By this point, Trump has met with pretty much everyone who has ever thought of running against Obama. I suppose not one of them have met with his demanding criteria. Or perhaps he’s just sure that he won us all over with his curious semi-support of the Occupy Wall Street movement?

Exit question: In some alternate-Narnia world where this actually happens, does Trump pull more votes from Obama or the Republican nominee? Fire away. Thread winner gets a free leftover turkey sandwich.