Oh, the irony. Thanks to capitalism, she’s filthy rich (estimated earnings of $48 million in 2010!) — as much a part of the 1 percent as Michael Moore and just as ignorant of her membership in it. But never mind all that: The oh-so-desperate-to-be-an-adult Miley Cyrus proves her invincible immaturity with a remixed-song-and-video-tribute to Occupy Wall Street, unaptly named “Liberty Walk.” Doesn’t she realize it’s the Tea Party that proudly and rebelliously says, “Don’t tread on me”? No, of course she doesn’t, any more than Mila Kunis understands Middle America.

If she annoys me so much, why am I posting this? I ask myself that, too. I could say it’s because I want all capitalists everywhere to vote with their dollars against her and other prone-to-pop-off pop stars. But that wouldn’t be entirely true. The truth is, I kinda like the beat. It’s a very danceable song. Then, too, there is the profundity of the lyrics: “Don’t live a lie. This is your one life. Just walk.” Inspiring.