Time for another of those fun, speculative stories to while away the day. When politicians find themselves in trouble in the polls or want to dodge uncomfortable questions from the press, we often kid around, saying that they’ve been “secured at an undisclosed location” or they have “gone to the bunker.” But is Obama taking that phrase a bit too literally? Zeke Miller at Business Insider opens up that particular can of worms today.

For over two years, crews have torn up the North Lawn of the White House just outside the West Wing for what the General Services Administration calls a “utility upgrade.”

But it seems everyone — including people who work at the White House — think something else is going on.

One West Wing official told The New York Times last month that “It is security-related construction,” adding “Even we don’t know exactly what.”

Well, this certainly looks entertaining if nothing else. Take a glance at the BI picture and judge for yourself.

White HouseBunker Large

Photo credit: Charles Dharapak/AP Photo

What could it be? Sure, it may be the generic, “utility upgrade” but what fun would that be? More to the point, what does a man who already has two nuke-safe hardened bunkers need with a third? Is that where he keeps the real birth certificate? An apartment for one of his relatives? A place where he can finally relax with a darned cigarette without his wife or the media harping at him?

Your guesses are doubtless better than mine. Let ’em fly.