Via William Amos, a sneak preview of what Chu’s planning to tell Congress on Thursday. My favorite part is when he claims that no one at his level was aware of the political affiliations of Solyndra’s backers, even though we now know from e-mails written by George Kaiser himself that Kaiser talked to people in the White House about Solyndra.

It’s as simple as this: Someone needs to be fired for the slimy cronyist hackery involved in asking Solyndra to hold off on layoffs until after the midterms so that the news wouldn’t hurt Democrats. There’s a lot of political roadkill under the tires of Obama’s bus already, and at least one former Obama advisor had a pretty good idea of who the weak link in the chain is at the Energy Department. And so we begin the official Steven Chu political death poll: When do you think Obama will “accept his resignation”? I’ve got dibs on the day after Thanksgiving, when the news cycle is at its sleepiest.