It’s not quite as “newsy” as the Megyn Kelly spread that showed the now-mother-of-two posing seductively in a black dress, but, because I’ve criticized both Esquire and Elle, I feel the urge to praise a mainstream mag — and this GQ interview provides me with a convenient opportunity. Just as he should, the interviewer asks questions, then “gets out of the way” to let Hannity answer. And, after a series of requisite questions about the 2012 GOP candidates, the GQ reporter even turns the interview to the topic of presumable first importance for GQ readers: fashion.

Seriously, I like that. It’s a tacit acknowledgment that, even though the majority of celebrities in arts and entertainment are liberals, a conservative ideology doesn’t discredit a person in the cultural realms. Taste is just that — taste. Because aesthetics are subjective, a conservative’s aesthetics are no less “valid” than a liberal’s. Yet, all too often, fashion mags and other “cultural” publications ignore conservative personalities or treat them as conservative personalities rather than just prominent people whose fashion is worth analyzing because they appear on a public stage. (The latter is what Elle recently did with its fashion spread on conservative women.) By doing that, they miss the opportunity to flesh out a fuller picture of the culture of the United States. It’s a little like the coasts ignoring flyover country; they just don’t know what they’re missing.

Fortunately for the GQ interviewer, Hannity plays the game. A few highlights:

  • The TV-and-radio host doesn’t drink much (hence his nickname, “Half-a-Heineken Hannity”), but, when he does, he likes a vodka pineapple.
  • Hannity describes his personal style as “casual” and says he wishes he didn’t have to wear a tie to work, but he cites Donald Trump as his favorite designer of the dreaded neckwear.
  • He likes Don Imus’ cowboy style, doesn’t pay attention to Bill Maher’s attire and hadn’t heard of skinny jeans before the GQ guy astutely described them to him as “jeans that are, well, skinnier.”
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