How much of Barack Obama’s campaign agenda has he accomplished? Depends on who you ask — or more accurately, when you ask.  At a campaign event in Medina, Washington on September 25th, Obama told a crowd that his presidency was a success because he’d achieved 80% of his goals, and needed a second term to finish the last 20%:

But understand we’re just starting off here. We’ve got 14 months, and I’m going to need all of you to help mobilize people and push back against arguments that say that somehow if we’re only — if we’ve only gotten 80 percent of what we wanted to get done, that that’s a failure. No, that’s a success — that should be an inspiration for us getting reelected so I can do the other 20 percent.

Exactly one month later, Obama spoke to supporters at the Pepsi Center, and the numbers had changed.  Did Obama achieve more of his agenda in the intervening month?  Not exactly:

And on student loans and school reform and on a whole host of issues that don’t get a lot of attention — on doubling fuel efficiency standards on cars and trucks to not only free ourselves from dependence on foreign oil, but also to start reducing carbon in the atmosphere and making us more competitive, to saving the auto industry — I keep a checklist in my desk of stuff that I promised to do and we’re through about 60 percent of it — (laughter) — which isn’t bad for three years.

No, but going backwards by 20% is terrible for one month.  At this rate, Obama will be at -180% when the election rolls around in 2012. (h/t: E-Nough and DGB)

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