Here’s the newest viral sensation among the politerati judging from my Twitter feed this afternoon. It’s cute, and the girls seem sweet, but do you think Huntsman thought six months ago while he was sitting in the embassy in Beijing that he’d be relying on this for online buzz? He’s fabulously rich and has tons of valuable public service experience, yet somehow his most memorable ad of the campaign is his kids putting on Groucho Marx mustaches to parody a beyond-parody ad thrown together to promote a former pizza executive whom he’s trailing by 25 points. And the margin would doubtless be more, if only conservatives weren’t so racist.

That’s the first video. The second is a bona fide Cain ad which I thought we’d posted months ago when it first came out. In case not, since conservative media has now rediscovered it in the wake of Mark Block’s tour de force, here it is again. After watching this, you’ll understand why they decided to just wing it, low-budget-style, with a chain-smoking campaign staffer instead. Exit quotation: “The one word that came to people’s minds most when asked about the smoking segment was ‘stupid.'”