In this case, the word “terrorist” comes from the Bosnian government itself, and the early description of the shooter is … exactly what you’d expect:

A man opened fire with an automatic weapon outside the U.S. Embassy in Bosnia on Friday, and authorities said he was targeting the building in a terrorist attack.

The man injured at least one police officer guarding the embassy before police surrounded him. After a 30-minute standoff, the sound of a single shot echoed and the shooter slumped to the ground.

Police arrested the wounded man and took him away in an ambulance as pedestrians watched from behind buildings and vehicles. Sarajevo police spokesman Irfan Nefic said the man was being treated at a hospital.

Who is he?  Bosnian television identified him as Mevlid Jasarevic, a Serbian national.  They also report that Jasarevic is a Wahhabi Muslim, and the AP report says that he was dressed “in an outfit typical” of followers of the “conservative” sect.

So far, there does not appear to be any coordination with other attacks, and the shooting injured a Bosnian police officer.  We’ll keep our eyes open for further developments, but at the moment this appears to be a one-off.